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How to get started?

1.Sign Up

Create your Shop Paaticles, here you will be managing your shop, products, orders and delivery.

2.List your Products

You can add your products across 3000+ product categories, and product listing is unlimited.

3. Manage Orders

After you list your products,your shop goes live and customers can order on via Cash on Delivery, BML Transfer, BML Gateway (Optional) (if applicable) or Self Pickup.

Online Shop Features

  • Shop Management (Contact, Info)

  • Product/Inventory Management

  • Manage Order and Delivery Progress

  • SMS and Email to shops on new orders and follow ups

  • Delivery Management to different Locations

  • All Payment Options Available (Cash on Delivery, BML Transfer, BML Gateway, Self Pickup)

  • Customer Management (no more duplicate customers)

  • Sales Insights and Reports

  • Our support to setup the shop to Help

You can sell for FREE

Features Basic (FREE) Premium (FREE)

Online Shop Front
Includes shop on Paaticles ({yourshop}) displaying all products

Unlimited Products
List any amount of products for FREE

Inventory Management
Easy access to manage price and stock

Order Management
Manage order coming from customers and manage order status and cancellations.

Delivery Management
Delivery management by location and delivery packages

Avoid customer data duplication and view existing customers

Cash on Delivery (C.O.D) / BML Transfer
Includes cash and other methods of offline payments like bank transfer

Payments Details on Order and BML Online Payments

Free BML Gateway Integration (Optional)
Only BML online gateway charges applied (2.5% - 4% based on the Debit/Credit Card)

Payment Settlements
Online transactions made through BML gateway will be settled in 7-14 days

14 Days 7 Days

Print Invoice/Delivery Label
Automatic invoice generator with print option.

Prioritized Listing

Premium Badge
Premium shop badge and get prioritized on search results and other pages

Verification Badge
Get your shop verified

Marketing and Advertising Learn More

Monthly Free Ad Slot
Get an Ad slot each month from the front and increasing customer reach

Monthly Free Social Media Post
Post created by Paaticles on our social media promoting your business and products

Insights and Report

Sales Report
Get daily, weekly and monthly sales details

View shop insights and develop your marketing plans

Additional Features

24/7 Customer Support
Get full support from our customer support team

SMS Campaings
Send SMS notifications to customers

Manage your order returns and cancellations and display your policies to customers

Order Fulfillment Types (Shops)

Seller Fulfilment Only

Under seller fulfillment, you are responsible for processing and managing your orders and inventory. Either the seller handles the delivery or customer can come to pickup. Paaticles shall not be responsible for delivery. However we are here to help and support sellers providing the platfrom and technology.

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